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Best Ten Blog Marketing Strategies


Senior Member
Oct 18, 2011
blog marketing is now most popular way to promote a product, popularity is the key to blogging marketing.for example with no popularity, no visibility and influence a acne cosmetics company, do blogging marketing is not very appropriate, up to first build up enough popularity.so Todayseo as an analysis, we were hoping the best ten blogging marketing tips can help you.
1, Choosing a blog form, there is many blogging out there,for example,blogspot.com wordpress.com blogging.com etcs.
2, do not just write trash article,it has no meaning or anything, write objectively focus on one area,and expend it . blogging itself is through language, text and user interaction to reach marketing objectives. Therefore, we must not only remember the text on the running account. Content to be infected with the situation, there must be passion. To provide valuable, humorous information. For example, with the spike activity, discount information. And this information must be true, brightly lit.

3, respect for the user, do not argue with the user. Never argue with people on the blogging and quarrel, it is very unwise. Unless you do not want my brand abstract.

4, learn to stop the temporary control of products and brands. Later emphasized, it should be said to do after blogging brand monitoring, is very convenient with the ideal platform.

5, do not publish in two sides . WEB2.0 on the blogging platform to do this marketing, but both sides must not release information, we must learn to interact with the user. This ability to obtain the user's trust and goodwill, as well as long as this ability allows users to participate in a real company's activities to go, and provide valuable reactions and suggestions. For example in the case of Ma Ying-jeou, in fact, his conservative rival blogging, but its failures is not always interact with the user. Not looked down on the user, the user is not his natural looked down on.

6, automatic target for the user. On some specific products, blogging can help them complete precision marketing. For example, a company called Pfizer foreign cosmetics company category is automatically in micro blog search for "depressed", "depression" and other words to find the underlying depression. Then from time to time to provide them with information about depression, to help them, but also the marketing of my antidepressants. But here note, find the user, not blindly increase over the hair on advertising, but interact with the first, charge to provide them with valuable information and charges of pointing. The so-called willing to be willing, there are only homes. If the user questions just keep thinking about making money, but do not want to bring benefits to users, to help users deal with results that users will also be discarded. Because users are not stupid.

7, blogging is not widely exposed publisher. I pushed one in the forum, found this picture, many people do blogging marketing, is to pull a lot of fans, then go up Hair advertising. This is a very wrong perception. Do not just expose the blogging as a wide release device, which is totally in Meifei work and spirit.

8,get many people to write blogs� as you can, if you have more then one person in your team,. If your team or company a lot of people, that they are conservative blogging inspired it, more companies discussed in the micro-Bo's life, mission, business civilization. To show people a real, tender, abstract flagging company. Zappos is the leading e-commerce website pioneer in this area, its president, Hsieh's insistence not only hands-on with microblogging and the company recorded in bits and pieces, but also encouraged the company to all employees in the old-fashioned to it, and even the company also offers specialized training courses to staff to teach how to use blogging.

9, comments on others blog. This is a difficult match, only difficult to reach through their own micro-Bo, general marketing needs with things such as ways to stop Caixing.

10,online program to gain traffic, after many tried and failes finally come out this Login or Register to View This link;r , it help you maxim your profit from blogging market,
Login or Register to View This link;Login or Register to View This link;

Jul 19, 2012
i really don't encourage to post comment using anchor text, its batter to participate as a normal users. apart from that; other suggestions are good. Thanks for sharing
Aug 2, 2012
Thanks for freno's sharing!
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New Member
Sep 18, 2012
Blogging is my favorite marketing way and this is the good way to get something from the others people.


Active Member
Dec 27, 2012
Blogging is the really only tried and true marketing strategy for the internet long term. Yes, other methods are great too and use them to get your some backlink love but you can go sites like Fiverr and order social bookmarking and backlinking to your blog or site - and even for videos - to get better rankings in search engines.

Content is king so creating high quality content and sharing it on google plus, ezine articles, twitter, and facebook is a great way to get some traffic. It's a longer term strategy but it will stand the test of time if you really want to build a brand presence online and grow your business. Blog often (daily if you can) and submit to sites like SocialMonkee.com which you can start for like $7 bucks for a basic account and submit one url (your blog post) per day and it will be submitted to 25 sites over a certain time period giving you some backlink love. Pingler.com also is a great place to get your url (blog post) pinged and you can submit 5 a day in a 24 hr period for free with no account.

The idea with a blog is build a following; a brand; so that you can develop a list of loyal subscribers that want to read your content and follow you. Be creative; helpful; and connect with people.