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good resources for marketing

Nov 12, 2015
What are some good resources for an engineer to learn more about the business aspects of a web startup like marketing, product launching, product management etc.?


Respected Contributor
Dec 31, 1969
There are many sources for your online business building education. You can have a look at my first link below. It's a step-by-step training resource for learning how to build a business online.

I advise that you do your research when looking at different training products. Many are good, but many are also useless. You'll find that some techniques actually worked for the creator, but may be outdated, and no longer valid techniques. Others might be incomplete as marketers tend to create their training products only after they've found success with them - those products sometimes have missing steps that the creator does automatically in his business, and forgets to place those steps in the product.
Likes: Paralabs


New Member
Mar 18, 2016
The above is really very good advice at the beginning you will have a lot of reading and learning. As well as developing, need to follow all the trends and news in this field.