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How to Choose Keywords for Adwords


Sep 27, 2011
1 Put yourself in the place of your audience that you are targeting. Ask yourself a question? If I were looking for this product or service, what would I type in the search engine to find this? You must have the mind set of potential buyers.

2 Go to google adwords keyword tool and search the keyword with "exact matches" or "exact phrase" that you intend to use. Do not use broad match. It is safer to use "exact match" when you search.

3 This means you have your work cut out for you already on your keywords and phrases. You will need to bring up every keyword and phrase combination that best describes your product or service. This is because your ads will only be shown for "exact matches".

4 Let us just use the keyword "tennis" as an example. Put the keyword in and say that you have come up with about 10,000,000 searches for terms with the word tennis on Google. Google then gives us the whole entire list of search terms, with the number of searches for each term. We see there were 80,289 searches for "tennis racket," 40,621 searches for "tennis shoes," 36,831 searches for "tennis elbow."

5 Your best bet for a niche with not to much competition would not be over 60,000, and under 18,000 searches a month. So that being said,"tennis elbow" would fit wonderfully in that catagory we are seeking.

6 There are two motivations that should be considered when finding a good niche. This will serve two important needs to the consumer.
1)1) To stop pain!
2) To find pleasure!
Stop pain is the strong motivation of the two.

7 When you do your search properly; you will find that keyword searches that are being made, will allow you to know where the hungry crowds are and what they want. This is telling us that there is money to be made there.

8 When using Google Keyword Suggestion Tool it also gives you an abundance of synonyms. This is just other words that describe the problem or solution they are looking for online. People will type in many combinations to search for a product or service. This is Googles way to track and give you these keywords as suggestions to try out.

9 If you take the time to develop ads that include a rare selection of terms,your traffic will not be as plentiful, but you will target more Login or Register to View This link; customers that will purchase your offer. When following through this step your click-through-rate will skyrocket! This means more clicks on your ads.

10 If your keywords, ads and landing pages all line up and match for the rare keyword combination that your searcher has just typed, your searcher almost won't believe his eyes when your ad pops up in the Google listing with their search term in the headline.

11 There are many keyword tools online to help you in your search for keywords. Do not just rely on one tool,try to drill down as much as possible when finding your keywords. I have to admit that there is lots of work involved here but it is well worth it. If your going to play the marketing game online; you need to know ahead of time, that there is work involved.

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Jul 4, 2011
I appreciate your review of my blog, pretty dead on!Thank you to everyone who has replied both here and via Twitter. I appreciate your taking the time to read a story that can be, at times, uncomfortable.


Active Member
Nov 5, 2012
Thanks for sharing such a valuable information this is the correct way and most useful information i also want to suggest on Keyword Tool i.e: Keyword Spy.
This is also an unique tool which also shows the keywords which were used by the competitors and minimum CPC rate on that so that we get an idea for choosing an appropriate keywords.
1. Determine how broad or narrow an audience you want to reach through your AdWords campaign. The smaller your target audience, the narrower your keywords should be. For example, the keyword phrase “indoor soccer shoes” will reach a smaller audience than a broader phrase like “athletic shoes” or “sport shoes.”

2. Think of the keyword phrases that people who are looking for your product or service would use in searches. Avoid industry jargon, which consumers are less likely to be familiar with. For example, choose “taxes” instead of “revenue enhancement” for a campaign that promotes your tax preparation services.

3. Enter a keyword you plan on using or are using in your campaigns into the Google AdWords Keyword Tool (see Resources) to find synonyms or related phrases that users are also likely to search on. For example, you may consider using related terms like “physical therapy clinic” and “physical therapist” if one of your keywords is “physical therapy.”

4. Click on the “Keywords” tab and select “All” from the “Keyword Details” drop-down menu to access the “Search Terms” report. This report lists the keywords that users have entered to trigger your ads.

Look at the percentages listed in the columns labeled “CTR” (“click-through rate,” or the number of clicks on your ad divided by the number of times the ad is shown) and/or “Conversion Rate” (the percentage of clicks on your ad that resulted in users taking a desired action, e.g. making a purchase). Identify the best-performing keywords, select the check box next to each of these keyword and click “Add Keywords” to include them in your campaign.

5. Click on “Opportunities” at the top of the AdWords window and then click on the “Keywords” tab. This report shows suggested keywords to add to a campaign based on its existing performance. Select the check box next to a keyword that you want to add and click “Apply Now.”
Dec 18, 2012
You have to select better keyword for your website, which is most search by peoples to find out an information. When you chose keywords at that time, you have to think like customers. Be specific as well.