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how to use plr articles to make money

Hey guys, I see a lot of plr products online and I even have some plr products, but I don't really know how to make money from them because they will only hurt your seo right? So is there really a way of making money from them?

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Dec 31, 1969
If you want to use PLR I advise you actually take time to completely re-write the information in your own words. That makes it fresh information presented from a different view point than the original author.

Doing that you create a whole new product. Don't forget that you'll need to design a new cover if you make it an e-book.
One way to use PLR is to re-write it. This is often much quicker than doing the research from scratch, but only if you find reasonably good quality PLR. You can use the rewrites in various ways, for example, as content on your websites or free blogs, as articles to get you visitors and traffic (and direct to affiliate links if you do it correctly), and to make ebooks to sell. For example, I made a 97-page ebook, by looking through about 400 PLR articles on a particular subject, finding the best 120, and re-writing each into chapters of the ebook. Then I recorded myself speaking the words of the ebook, and made a video out of that, with the words appearing (PowerPoint style) as I spoke them, so could offer a package of the Ebook, video and mp3's of the same content, and sell it. You can sell such things on DigitalPoint, on JVZoo (offering a commission helps sell more) as well as on your own website or blog.

So yes, there are plenty of ways to use PLR, and it's easy to find hundreds of thousands of free PLR just doing a Google search for "Free PLR" (although the quality might not always be the best!).

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