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Kindle Renegade Review

Oct 23, 2012
I'm new here and wanted to pay my dues by starting off with a review. Recently I purchased the Kindle Renegade. For those of you not aware It is a graphics software editor that allows you to make optimized Kindle covers quickly and easily. If you want more info just google it.
The up front cost is $20.00 The upsell package is $47.00. I purchased both. Now on to the review.

Let me just say that I would highly recommend the Kindle Renegade if it actually worked most of the time. It is an online application that you can only access from the membership website to prevent people who have not paid for it from accessing it. Unfortunately It is buggy as heck and rarely works. This is very frustrating when you have just spent serious time finding just the right picture, fonts, colors, etc. There is no way to save it when the program refuses to download it. The few times it has worked it has been great. Quick and so much easier then GIMP or Photoshop. So if they get off their butts and fix it then yes I would recommend the basic software for the twenty bucks or so they charge.

Is the upgrade package worth the extra $47.00 dollars? I have to say no. You get some premade templates, a fiverr ad you can use to promote yourself, and a 3-d cover feature which only has one template that it uses. Maybe for an extra $15?
I am going to have to give it 2 stars out of 5 with the option to change it to a 4 if they fix all the bugs.:cool: