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New Tool For Selling Online - Looking for Feedback


New Member
Jan 19, 2015
I work for a company that was tasked to revamp an existing tool to help sellers to manage and promote items on forums, sites, and social media. The application, SellBuddy, allows users to create and post dynamic ads across multiple venues. Those ads, in turn, track real time inventory levels, making sure all content is current.

I won’t lie… the product had a number of issues when we took over and we’re still working through some of them. However, we’re also looking to add new features and functionality, as well as a refer-a-friend and affiliate program, and we’d really love to get your feedback. Please, tell us what you like; what you hate; what doesn’t work; what we’re missing; and what you think our Affiliate and Refer-a-friend (Refer-a-buddy on our site) should include.

While we’re in Beta, there is no fee to use the product. Any feedback that would help our site as well as would help our affiliate program would be appreciated.

Thanks to any and all who offer input.