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Pepperfeed | Top Trending News,Hot Stories and Viral Videos

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Naina Singh

Junior Member
Feb 13, 2018
Pepperfeed is an Internet Media Company, started in November 2017 to serve spiced up content for diverse audiences, catering to their varied tastes.Our categories include celebrities, relationship, sports, bizarre, politics, spiritual, entertainment etc. The idea is to serve ‘created’ instead of ‘curated’ content. The difference is, Pepperfeed doesn’t rewrite the content already available on internet, but it ideates and creates the content which is nowhere available on the internet. As our tagline says ‘Stories Served Hot’ we believe in fresh out of the oven stories exclusively catered for the audience which believes in reading both the entertaining and the serious content in one go.

Pepperfeed’s content will include entertaining videos, stories, news, opinion pieces and other creative stuff. In fact, we are a crowdsourcing platform where anyone can contribute their stuff, be it videos, articles, audio etc. We believe in giving the finest and most fresh content on the internet.

Media Companies are fast evolving and as a process, shifting to internet. We are one such step in the direction. We believe that content is the king and it should have the potential to go viral.

That’s why our content will be obsessed with quality.

In the ever evolving times, readers are looking for unique and interesting stories from where they can derive some take-home value. Pepperfeed makes sure that it creates valuable content for everyone, including varied genders. The website will also include content such as videos, quiz, polls, cartoons, comic strips etc. The idea here is to serve a new age online newspaper that entertains and informs at the same time.

Pepperfeed believes that content can change the perception of the people and that it should be served with responsibility. Because with great power, comes great responsibility.

It’s time to get ready for the spiced up stories, served hot.