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Please Review My Hosting Website ! Feedback Appreciated.


Silver Contributor
Jun 25, 2011
Hello dear members,

My hosting site eIndiaWebGuru.com has been up and running but do not generate good web traffic ? What i would love to know is any SEO techniques to help me in generating traffic .

I would appreciate for you people to give me with feedback on my site. Please give me your opinions about what would make my site better .

I would appreciate some honest feedback.

I hope you will take your time in helping me, lots thanks.

Thanks a lot!

Shiv JaiswaL
Jul 19, 2012
Dear Shiv,

I really liked your website and here is my feedback:

- Look and feel is good
- Title meta looks optimized
- Need some content optimization (add relevant content in to each page)
- i Could not find blog on this website (if you can add web hosting blog, that can really help a lot)

overall website is great :) You did fantastic job buddy !!


Junior Member
Sep 27, 2012
Frankly Speaking the site seems to be very professional in its looks and services available. I am bit surprised to know that the site does not generate good traffic. we generally take suggestions from webmasters, make the comparisons and then go for the best one. So, try to keep yourself in the webmaster's list of favorites.
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