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Using Helpdesk Software to Enhance Customer Service

Aug 2, 2012
How does help desk software helps with business

-Improve Customer Support

Receive, track and organize customer support issues (tickets) by department and by urgency.

-Reduce Your Workload

Integrated Knowledge base base with frequently asked questions(FAQ) may reduce the number of support requests by as much as 50%! Customers can go on their self help through FAQ!

-Save Time and Money

Easy to use, fast, lightweight, secure, user friendly and reasonable price

Common functions of help desk software:

1.contact for the user to communicate their problems
2.deal with the incoming and outgoing communications
3.track the user query with a specific number
4.make sure no spam mails enter your inbox
5.troubleshoot the errors in a faster rate
6.schedule the events and allows all the users to view
7.knowledge base to resolve the issues in a short time
8.Tickets can be created and updated by email

Top Helpdesk software recommend

1.iKode Helpdesk

The iKode Helpdesk is a PHP solution to integrate customer support right on your website, without expensive programming.
Using your MySQL database, iKode Helpdesk permits your customers to submit a support ticket, and then allows you or your staff to respond through an easy to use web-based interface.

2.SysAid Helpdesk

SysAid is a software suit of web based It management, that has simple interface, varied features and easy to install and maintain. It can easily bond with the private network, offering necessary IP details and control on each machine connected in the technical service network.

3.Liberum Helpdesk

Liberum Help Desk software was created for small time or medium sized businesses and organizations. The software involves a more graphical interface, which is simple and easy to use. The software can easily administer and track technical support problems.Besides, being open sourced, the base code can be easily customized and modified under the GPL license. The base code is written in HTML, ASP code and runs on the Windows NT/2000/XP.