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What is the best way to start earning money online?


Junior Member
Mar 27, 2012
New York
Meeting new partners and sticking with your projects is key so success. In the IM world there are many opportunities. Some go big and some are to afraid to invest. I have many available projects and some offer 125% in a week. Build your web assets and get your SEO knowledge up. For consultations pm me. Thanks


Junior Member
Apr 10, 2012
Hi folks,
beware of get rich quick scheemes, most of them are working just for those who sell them. :) If someone is telling you that you can get 125% in week so this is HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) and it is wery dangerous to invest in programs like this, if you dont know how? Yes if you know some basics what you should beware of, than you can propably invest some small amount .
I made some investments to HYIP's and fortunately all of them was profitable for me.
i follow theese principles:
1) invest jsut a small amount , cause you can easily loose it, so that it is not so painfull.
2) explore HYIP monitors to find if HYIP in which you want to invest is paying.
3) Find if this HYIP have growing traffit (at alexa.com), if traffic is decreasing, get your hands out of it, cause it will go SCAM wery soon.

Other way i think that to stay away of theese HYIP's is the best option. There is lot of other easy ways to get some cash from internet. you can have your own blog or blog's and sell some space on them. Or if you are creative enought you can start writing articless for cash,. there are tons of oportunities how to start making money online, just need to make some investigation of what suits you and then fully focus yourself to that specific area.
"Get Rich Quick" schemes are usually scams, and if you are sensible you will avoid them. If there was a genuine get rich quick system, then just by word of mouth, it would spread extremely quickly, so no advertising would be necessary, you'd have heard about it from friends who have DONE it, and are rich, in practice.

Internet marketing requires work and learning, same as anything else. It's one of the easiest businesses to start, because it can be started cheaply (or even entirely free), can expand quickly and can be very profitable.

One othe easiest systems to learn is AdSense and content. All you do is put up content (such as articles) and put AdSense near them, and you will make money. You can increase your profits as your experience and understanding develops, such as by doing effective keyphrase research, using WordPress, doing natural-looking backlinking etc.

If anyone is interested in learning AdSense the easy way, having all the content already provided, as well as keyword research done for you, and exact instructions on how to profit from it, see my Signature :) But if you'd rather figure it all out yourself, instead of spending $7, you can spend the hours necessary to do all the research, and get it all done for free. It is up to you which you choose.

OR you can continue wasting time and money on systems that promise to get you rich quick, and will usually just make you poorer. If it seems "too good to be true" then it almost certainly is.

Which are you going to choose ???

Jul 16, 2012
i suggest you to make online business for domain name reseller. if u want to know schemes visit goresellers.com for more details
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New Member
Jul 18, 2012
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Hi, I am new to making money online.<br/>I am a very hard worker and would be very interested in hearing your thoughts and suggestions on get rich quick schemes.<br/><br/>Thanks<br/>unpickled
I have to agree with previous comments. Stay away from get rick quick schemes because they are usually not trustworthy and end badly.
I would advise you to do things the right way and start updating your online profiles (social media) and promote your business through these mediums.
Search on Google Analytics for the most looked up keywords today and try including them in posts/articles/written material related to your business. If you own a website or blog, try looking for good ad platforms (once you have build good traffic for your site).

These are the first steps I would take as someone new to the online monetization world.

Hope this helps,
Good Luck!


New Member
Oct 1, 2012
There are many ways for earning money like affiliate marketing,ad-sense,cost per action,cost per click but i think the ad-sense and cost per action are the quick way of money...:cool:
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Oct 6, 2012
Online Marketing is Not a Quick Rich Model.You better try writing articles on iwriter.That will make you nice little income to start your journey.


Junior Member
Oct 8, 2012

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Oct 17, 2012
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Senior Member
Feb 20, 2012
There is no effective get rich quick schemes. There are a lot of things to try in order to earn online like building websites, affiliate marketing or by simply offering services.
Those who says that you can get rich fast online might be fooling you so they can earn from you. Ebooks, softwares and services that promises guaranteed fast results are not real.



Active Member
Dec 27, 2012
I agree Joe; trying to "master" all techniques at once leaves you spread way too thin and you get overwhelmed. The key online is content...period. Just look at what the guru's are doing. They create products which builds massive lists and then gets affiliates to sell their products. That's how the quick (so to speak) money is made because on a product launch some can make 10's of thousands of dollars.

As a beginner you run around and get on everybody's list looking for the answers and keys to success online but in reality you have to build a following and a brand and create high quality content that people want to consume. People are flocking to the internet for make money online methods and my best advice is to pick one strategy (in a niche that is profitable of course) learn it, implement it, then set on autopilot and move on to the next one.

I've spent a ton of money on products and I will say; even though I've spent a lot of money I have learned quite a bit and I've spent money on coaching which has developed relationships with people and that's how I've been able to accelerate the learning curve. But I know most people, when getting started, don't want to or maybe just can't spend the money to learn.

When you do get results; by sharing those results you then create more results and on and on and on. A great deal of the quick money opportunities out their are mlm's or network marketing (home based opportunities) that people flock into and then quit when they don't see overnight success.

I have to say even though those systems out there do exist there are some good ones that really do have core leaders who are trying to develop a community and culture that will continue. And not only that but average people are making a lot of money from them and changing their lives.

The reason is, you can't expect to stay successful or have influence over people if you're the only one making money. If your team is not duplicating your success, you won't keep them, period..

So the culture and state of mind needs to shift to a more community-based engagement-based framework where people actually can duplicate the success if you want to grow the organization.

Now if you're an affiliate marketer then that really doesn't matter but that's one and done money. There is no residual income stream there you need a constant flow of leads and prospects to sell to because eventually your list just gets tired of you pushing product without creating any real value.

There is plenty of business to go around but in reality 95%-97% of the marketers online fail, or make little to no money. The reason being is they don't focus on what the people that are making money are doing...and that's product creation.

Can people make quick money online? Yes. Can they make $100k or more a month? Yes. But what we don't see is those that are making that kind of money seem to have "come out of nowhere" and be succeeding like magic in the present but had failed for many years prior or had reached a bottom then had a breakthrough.

Honestly, not that I'm trying to be mean but some people just don't want it bad enough within them to be at that level because when you are a leader in an industry or niche or you're successful making that kind of money - it requires a lot of you. It requires more effort to keep it and maintain the massive success because each new level brings in it's own devil...

Some people say they want it; dream about it; but in reality they won't go as far as they need to, in order to get it. The mindset isn't there and they quit before they reach their success. Does that mean they can't do it? Of course not. We can really achieve anything that we're willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it (legally of course). Failure cannot compete with persistence, it buckles under the pressure of sustained effort. How much pain can you take? How much can you endure? Will you take action?

Those are all important. Sorry to be so lengthy in my response but I speak of experience in my primary business. In the process of becoming one of the top performers in the country for Wells I went through hell. I failed and failed and failed to the point I lost my house, cars, went through a nasty divorce but yet never quit, never stopped, then all of a sudden I had a breakthrough and now I don't really prospect that much. People seek me out because of my knowledge in my niche.

Same goes here.

Hope that helps.

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Junior Member
Dec 28, 2012
easiest fastest way to make money online is to find a service you can do online (i.e. writing, graphics, data entry) post ads on classified sites and people will call


Dec 24, 2012
Use online earning money sites and forums to receive regular income. You can earn part time and full time earning through genuine resources such as Digital Point Forum. Lots of other forums and websites also offering opportunities to earn money online.